I bought a standing desk FlexiSpot E7

I’ve been working at home more and more often for some reason.(I think everyone has been doing that for the past year or so..) 

Working from home inevitably means that I don’t walk as much as I used to.According to the app, I’ve been walking only about 3,000 steps on average lately(a year ago, I was walking 8,000)

I’ve made a conscious effort to get outside, but it ends up being a 20-minute walk. I wish I could do it for an hour or so, but I don’t have that kind of time. I only go to the gym once a week or so.

So, I was looking for a way to exercise easily. I started to hear about standing desks from all over the place.

So I went to Youtube and looked around.


I want this. I’ll start considering it.

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However, the price is so high that I couldn’t just snap it up. I didn’t want to make a mistake.

So, I tested the standing desk to see how it was.

I built an impromptu standing desk using shelves and books. It looks terrible, but it’s a test, so it’s okay.
I’ve been working on it for about a week now, and it’s pretty easy to work standing up, or rather, it’s fun. I can get into a rhythm with the music.

Also, standing makes me tired, so I naturally start to take breaks. It’s easy to forget to take a break when you’re concentrating on your work, so it was great to have a system where you can take a break without a second thought.

So the test results were pretty good, and I decided to buy it.

Buying an E7

This time I bought a model called E7.


I was torn between the E3 and the E7, but decided on the E7.

I didn’t have any particular preference, but I decided to go with the E7 because it was in stock earlier and it had an obstacle detection function, which I thought would be safer for my children when they messed with it.

The memory function is also useful. It’s inconvenient to set the height manually every time.
In the reviews, it seems that everyone prepares their own top board, but I chose the top board set. I was not particular about the top board, so I chose the easy one.

Effectiveness of standing desk


- I can concentrate.

I didn’t lose concentration just because I was standing. In fact, I felt I could concentrate better when I was standing.


- I feel tired.

If you get carried away and keep standing, you will get quite tired. So it’s important to sit down even if you have to force yourself to do so.


- Automatically squatting.

I can’t simply stand (maybe it’s just a matter of getting used to it?). I can’t simply stand (maybe it’s a matter of getting used to it?), but I automatically move my legs and do squat-like movements. I wonder if that also helps me to concentrate better.



So, in conclusion, it is very good.

I’ll have to use it for another month or so to see how it affects my lack of exercise.

I’m glad I bought the standing desk, though, because I can now concentrate better. It’s a bit expensive, but I recommend it.