How to never miss a pull request that has been mention on GitHub


One of the most common issues in GitHub operations is that it is easy to overlook the "Mentions". Especially when you're working with many repositories, you don't look at the mail every time, so it's easy to miss something.

What happens then is that you get a message on slack saying, "What happened to that pull request...? I'm sorry! I missed it, I'll check it right away! I'll check it right away!

This time, I'd like to improve this part.



The following two tools will be used this time.

- GitHub 
- Slack


How to check the pull requests that are being mentored on GitHub

Access the following to see the list of pull requests that have been mentored.

In this case, I will use this method to periodically notify myself of this link.


How to send regular messages in Slack

Slack has a way to set reminders, so we will use this method.


In your direct message for the workspace you want to be notified about, enter the following

/remind me pull request at 16:00 every weekday


You will now receive a notification at 4:00 pm on weekdays.

This way, you will be notified on weekdays, so you can check the link when you get the notification habitually.


How to delete a notification


You can check the remind list by executing the following.

/remind list

A list of notifications will be displayed, and you can delete them.

In the above case, you can delete it by clicking "Delete".


Perhaps using Scheduled reminders would be an easy solution.

There is a feature called Scheduled reminders, which seemed to solve the problem, but depending on the project, you need to have permissions to set it up.


So this time I took the above action. If you have permissions, you may find it useful to use this page as well.